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How Solar Net Metering Saves Money How Solar Net Metering Saves Money

How Solar Net Metering Saves Money

Since the inception of renewable energy into the electricity mix of the power industry, a lot of elements and resources have come up. But so far, the most popular among them are hydro, thermal, solar, and wind. From these four, only solar and hydro are now affordable for households to install them in their homes. Sometimes, even hydropower needs more advancement. Hence families are left with the best option— solar power.

Solar power does not only generate energy for the family’s consumption, but it also helps in managing the household expenses and earning more when selling excess power to the grid through solar net metering! Does this sound like a new business venture you’d want to get into? Allow us to walk you through the process of solar measurement so you can decide on how you can save more of your money:

The sun seems to produce hotter days and brighter mornings recently, and for us solar panel users, this is good news because it means that our solar panels charge faster. When this happens, the excess power produced by the solar panels automatically flows to the commercial power grids. During this event, the household meter is rolled backward to credit the account of the household.

The same principle applies when the solar energy produced is much lower than the needed capacity for the household, the meter will roll forward which means the commercial power distributor is billing the family. There is a component in the solar panel that automatically switches the power source for the house when the solar panels can no longer support its power needs. This means that you can actually pay zero dollars on electric bills on some months and even get paid for other months because your panels are producing so much electricity.

Average US families spend at least $120 monthly for households consuming at least 911 kilowatt-hours. This is according to a survey done by the national government. Imagine if your solar panels can power your homes the entire 12 months, you will have more than $1,000 more to spend for more critical things like investment, or bank savings.

Note that electricity bills also go up and down depending on the season and the number of people staying at your place. If you have two families living in one house, you can already imagine the amount of electricity that the household needs to provide all the utility needs of everyone.

And since the amount of power that we get from the sun is primarily dependent on the capacity of the panels that we install, we recommend getting the most efficient panels. But this does not necessarily mean that it will be the most expensive, the right home with the right panels is the best combination. Also, it all boils down as to who you are consulting with when deciding for these matters.

Us here at Yorkshire Roofing Bay Area is committed to providing our dear customers with the perfect mix of cost and efficiency that will meet the household demands throughout the year. If you have inquiries, send us an email or call us. Our team of engineers will be happy to assist you with your solar panel decision making needs.

How Do Solar Panels Work? How Do Solar Panels Work?

How Do Solar Panels Work?

The power generated from the sun through your panels is not magic. It is years’ worth of research and decades worth of hard work. If you are wondering how your panels work, look no further. Read on this special blog we’ve created to walk you through the process of energizing your homes:

1. Collecting sunlight
The panels installed on your roofs trap sunrays during the day. Each panel is equipped with photovoltaic (PV) cells. These cells take light, also known as photons, and turn the light into electricity. Once the light hits the panels, PV cells starts working by giving you a direct current (DC) electricity. However, you’ve got to hold your horses as you do not have power for your house yet. Households run with alternating current (AC). So, your DC energy still has to be converted so you can turn on your TV using the light you got from the sun.

2. Inverter
This machine right here is the traffic control for your harvested energy. Once your DC has been harvested, the inverter converts it into AC. Now, there are various types of inverters; some solar panels have a single inverter popularly known as string inverters that converts the power for all the panels attached to the entire system. Others have a microinverter which is attached behind each solar panel.

3. Using power at home
So now that you have free electricity, imagine all the things you can power up at home at zero cost. Some are worried about fluctuations and the worry regarding it’s possibility to destroy home appliances. Well, AC power produced from your solar panels works just as good as the one you are buying on the grid. The only catch is, you don’t pay for distribution fee anymore and no monthly electric bills.

4. How about leftovers?
Since solar panels are weather sensitive sources of energy, there are days when the sun is just a grace that keeps on giving and you end up having more power than your house needs. What to do with them? Do we throw them away like spoiled leftovers? The answer is a big NO. Left over power is transferred to the main power grid lines. This can happen because while you have your own source of power, your house is still connected to main energy distribution lines.

5. Paid for leftovers
Unlike spoiled food, some government units and corporations actually want your left-over power. That is why they are installing a net meter to your porch. A net meter is a device that monitors how much power you are sending back into the grid. You will be paid based on the rates in your area, as prescribed by the laws of your state. Imagine getting free electricity and getting paid for what you can’t use. Isn’t that the most win-win solution to your power problem?

If you have been inspired to get your own set of solar panels because of the benefits, feel free to give us a call here at Yorkshire Bay Area Solar your solar panel experts in Livermore. We have a team of experts who can help you start harnessing the power of the sun and begin helping the environment. Not to mention, earn extra from it.

The Power of the Sun The Power of the Sun

The Power of the Sun

There are various ways to utilize the power of the sun. More than just lighting the Earth and keeping the world warm, the supernova of our solar system also has other benefits you might not even know about. Here’s a list of how you can appreciate the sun more:


Did you know that the sun can easily uplift your mood when you feel upset? Research shows that those who have been exposed to the warm sunlight are less likely to be stressed, irritated, and sick. It also means that it helps regulate the hormones in the body by helping our glands excrete more happy hormones. Serotonin is a hormone associated with boosting mood and helping us feel calm and focused. Low levels of serotonin has been linked to depression, anxiety, and seasonal pattern— a form of depression brought by changing of seasons.

The sun also helps keep our immune system up and about. A good 10-15 minutes of sun exposure daily can help boost our antibodies that keep us away from common illnesses. Research shows that employees who were given enough time under the sun for a leisure exposure has reported less sick days than those who were consistently indoors. This is not only good for your employees but also puts the interest of the company at best because less sick days reported means increased efficiency in your day to day operations. It also helps your employees save more because their medical expenses will be smaller.


Thanks to the hard work of engineers and researchers, we now have the ability to harness the power of the sun to energize our homes. It has not been long since the scientists have developed the solar panels that can be used in regular homes mounted on their roofs. While this technology is very much available to everybody, very few have availed of this miracle maker because they are afraid of various myths surrounding the solar panels. It is for this reason that homeowners should get a reliable roof contractor who can both guarantee the quality of your roof and the safety of the solar panels. We, at Solar Roofing Bay Area, are experts on both fields. Our team of skilled workers can help you create a roof that is suitable for the installation of solar panels. The same way that we have the best technicians and electrical engineers who can assist you in getting you solar panels and help you determine the capacity that you need to energize your home. When you harness the power of the sun, you do not only get energy for your consumption, you also help reduce the temperature of the world in your own little way. Installing a solar panel also helps reduce the carbon footprint of your community.


Some of us have that stuffed animal toy that will never leave our bedrooms no matter how old we are. We all have our favorite pillows that should be a staple to guarantee a good night’s rest. However, since these items are our favorites, it also means they are prone to bacteria, germ accumulation, and dust mites infestation. Sadly, these items are also prone to having a not so pleasant odor. Worry not, because the sun is here to save the day. A good 30 to 60 minutes of soaking up the sun will do the trick to keep our beloved stuffed animal bacteria and dust mite free. The sun’s UV rays have the capacity to neutralize various types of bacteria and kill almost all types of dust mites. It can also neutralize the bad odor trapped in the pillows, or stuffed animals. Be sure to rotate Mr. Teddy every 15 minutes to make sure all parts of his body are sun cleaned. You can also lay your mattresses, bed covers and outdoor furniture under the sun to get rid of moisture that has accumulated over time.


The sun is the force that directs all energy to balance. Without the sun, our lakes would be frozen solid, our plants will die of hunger, and us humans will be extinct earlier than we thought we would be. A frozen lake means no fresh water for all living things above the sea—from the smallest bacteria to the biggest mammal on land. We all need moisture and water to survive. Plants also need the sun to complete their procedure of creating their food. Without the sun, the plants won’t be able to proceed with photosynthesis and their food production will end. For us humans, the weather is the factor that has the biggest impact for us. The changes in the sun’s brightness affect how the Earth’s weather is conjured. It can increase or decrease the Earth’s temperature. Luckily, our star is still relatively young and gives off steady warm light. However, due to the neglect that mankind has brought upon this world, the Sun has now slowly begun to have a negative impact on the environment. When left unattended, it can cause the biggest disasters that the world will know.

So, you see, the sun is more than just a huge ball of fire meant to dry your clothes and dehydrate your tomatoes on the porch. If we know how to properly harvest the power of the sun, then the world will be a better place for sure.

Why is My Electricity Bill So High? Why is My Electricity Bill So High?

Why is My Electricity Bill So High?

There are various reasons why your electric bills are up to the roof. Some of them are avoidable while some are constant and we have to live with it. Constant factors to consider could be the number of individuals staying in your home. At a given time, various appliances will be operated, and so the demand for power could skyrocket.

However, you don’t need to be sad about this as there are factors that can be avoided if we want to put our bills below our necks. Plus, did we mention? There is always the option to go renewable and produce our power.

Here are some of the top reasons why our power supply may be overused. Read on as we have rounded up three vicious criminals that take advantage of your power which could be the leading cause your wallets are going dry.

Monster Hogs
These appliances seem like a necessity just because they make the chores lighter to bear and more comfortable to complete. However, this convenience comes with a price, and it’s a huge price to pay when our electricity bill due date arrives.

Appliances like dishwashers, clothes washers, and the like can chomp vast amounts of power in just a period. To make sure you maximize the use of these appliances, use them only when you can fill their maximum capacity so you can save up on power.

These group of electronics will suck your savings dry with the high monthly bills they contribute. They do not have a particular shape or size, and all that matters is that electronics are plugged even when not in use. These items allow your power meter to keep running even without pushing down that “on” button. Sadly, all connected appliances are considered vampires.

Ever think about it? The only reason these appliances are plugged in so we can turn them on easily by pushing the button instead of plugging them in every time we need to use them. It’s time we make that extra effort to cut costs. Did you unplug that television in the entertainment room before you left to get the groceries?

This might be a little bit obvious but, these appliances are older than your kids, older than you and probably the same age as your grandparents.

While we hate to throw or retire them because they still work, they also consume so much. Unlike the more recent versions, appliances back in the day did not think that 50 years to the present, the world will have to confront climate change, and so they created full capacity machines without the need to worry about carbon footprints and other harmful discharges.

Some of the most common kept appliances from the Jurassic era are refrigerators, television sets, air-conditioning units, and many more.

Have you got these appliances in your home? If so, now’s the time to start thinking of alternative solutions to save not just your cash, but also the environment. One way to do so is to invest in Solar Energy as it helps you save money in the long run and even earn cash from the government with your extra power. Us here in Yorkshire Bay Area Solar are among the few trusted solar panel contractors that can do both supplies and install for your homes. With our commitment to quality, you will get your units and installation on time.

Solar Storage Batteries: A Guide Solar Storage Batteries: A Guide

Solar Storage Batteries: A Guide

When batteries are mentioned, people often think of readily available energy that they can use in times of need. Did you know that there are many types of batteries and each has its own specific use? In this article, we will give you a walkthrough about the kind of batteries that are used to power up your households at night when the sun has set. And we think it’s very important we all have one:


Batteries come in various shapes and sizes that are made of electrochemical cells joined in series. The electrochemical cell converts chemical energy into electrical energy. Every electrochemical cell is composed of electrodes submerged in an electrolyte solution. Once all components are activated, a circuit is created and current will start to flows. Some battery types can only be used ones, while others are rechargeable.


Deep cell batteries are the ones used for your solar panels. They are characterized as quick to discharge batteries and are actually designed that way because of the nature of their function. There are various brands in the market that may seem to offer great value for your money for a cheaper battery. However, one should always remember the trade off when buying one. To ensure you are purchasing quality batteries, try to find the most reliable solar panel installer in the Bay Area. A trusted contractor will not compromise their reputation over a few hundred dollars’ worth of sale.

Our team at Yorkshire Roofing in the Bay Area is committed to bring the best possible solution to your roofing needs, especially your solar power requirements.


First, the excess energy that you do not use in the day while the sun is up is stored here and it can be tapped in the evening for more utility usage. Second, your solar batteries should be able to determine whether your home will be using the power from the grid or its own power source, making the electricity flow seamless. Third, If there is outage of power whatever time in the day, you can tap on your stored energy in the batteries to continue energizing your homes. Lastly, if your consumption grows bigger than your usual capacity, you can just buy one more battery so you can store enough power for you or your family’s needs.

These are only few of the things that you should know about your solar panel batteries, but more than that, you should also check on your panels and the system that it is attached to. The battery is just one part of a larger system that powers your home. If you’re doubting the power of solar, here are some other benefits of it that you can check out.

So, if you are looking for a reliable partner that can help maintain your solar panels, Yorkshire Roofing Bay Area is your best bet. Our team of electrical engineers can ensure you smooth processing and installation of your panels while our sales agents can guarantee to get all the necessary paper works to be delivered on time.

This is our service commitment to all our clients. If you are interested, do give us a call or send us an e-mail, we will be very glad to help you transition from grid power to renewable energy.

Interesting Facts About Solar Power Interesting Facts About Solar Power

Interesting Facts About Solar Power

When we talk about solar panels, we always hear about how it is efficient and environmental-friendly. However, consider this blog different from the rest. If you want to know more authentic information on solar power before you get your own unit, this article will tell you awesome old and new things about solar panels that goes beyond the sun giving us electricity for our day to day consumption. Today is the day that solar panel becomes fun and interesting:

1.    Have you met Alexandre Edmond Becquerel?

Allow us to introduce the guy. He is the man who was responsible for harnessing the power of the sun and converting it into electric energy. In 1893, he discovered the photovoltaic effect. This process describes how to create an electrical current  that will flow in a conductor when hit by the sun rays.

2.    Did you know that the first solar panel was available in the market in 1956?

Right after the second world war, this technology was made available for public consumption. However, due to manufacturing limitations, the panel’s prices remained high at around $300 dollar for every one-watt solar cell. You have to be super rich to get one.

3.  If you believe that using solar-powered calculators are Jurassic, then you just might be right.

Solar-powered calculators were first introduced in 1978. Yes, your parents might have used one when they are in high school and you might have actually seen one but did not know that it was solar powered.

4.  Want something older? Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci actually thought about using the power of the sun to conduct some of his businesses or chores?

Yes, the famous painter that brought the Last Supper to the attention of the world audience is also a keen observer of science. That is why he has already heated water for industrial use back in the 15th century. Don’t even try counting how many years that was.

5.  Did you know that solar power is the only power-producing unit that does not require any moving components?

Hydropower needs turbine while windmills need propellers. Solar power does not need any moving component to produce the energy unlike the first two mentioned which makes it easier for newbies in the renewable energy field to fall in love with this technology.

6.  Would you believe if we tell you that there is a military base that relies solely on solar energy?

Believe it or not, there is the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada which has a 14 megawatt solar power garden that can support the usage of  more than 12,000 military men. The system came online in 2017 and has since provided the base with enough power to run their day to day activities. Did we mention they were able to save 83,000 dollars per month?

7.  Did you know that the entire world can use renewable energy through solar energy?

Yup. That is right. The earth needs at least 191,000 square miles of land area plated with solar panels in regions with good amount of sun to produce a safe, reliable, and environment-friendly energy. To think that Earth has 57 million square miles of land area to spare, the planet will have more than enough space to put it up.

That’s our top 7 amazing things about solar panels. Yorkshire Bay Area is trying to do its part in spreading awareness so families and institutions will have an option if they wish to help build a more sustainable environment for the future.

Should you wish to inquire about solar panels and what is the best option for you and your family, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will be more than willing to work with you in making this world a better place.

How Are Solar Panels Installed?

Solar Panels have become so popular because of its environmental benefits and the amount of power it can produce. A lot of homes nowadays want their own units too. You may then ask, how exactly do homes get their own solar panels in Livermore? Below is a brief walkthrough of the procedures in getting your own power source:

Call us here at Yorkshire Roofing, your preferred contractor for the job, so we can pay you a visit and do an evaluation. Our evaluation would include best practices and recommendations from our own engineers. Our engineer will evaluate the condition of your roof; if it is fit for the installation or you would need to put some improvements. They will also check the capacity of your electrical panels. This is to make sure that the electrical system of your home can handle the solar energy that it has to store once the panels are installed.

Prepare documents and permits for the installation. Now, don’t worry. These paper works are to be arranged by us too. We believe that it’s best that you know how we do these permits, so you know what documents you’ll be signing and what they are for. One of the most important documents that you’ll need is the application for the state and federal solar incentives such as the federal ITC, local solar programs, clean energy financing initiatives like PACE, government rebates and solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs). Aside from incentives, you will need to fill out other paperwork like building or installation permits. These permits are specific to where you live. Your contractors should be knowledgeable about these rules and know the restrictions and requirements of the states in which they operate so they can help you figure out which permits you need. We at, Yorkshire Bay Area Solar, save our clients from the trouble of filling out all these forms. We also ensure that permits are released in time for the scheduled installation.

Choosing the right panels for your homes. This is more than looking at which stripes would best suit your roof. It is also talking about the capacity that your house needs, how much sunlight your roof gets, and how much power you want to produce. If you do not know much about solar panels, our team of experts can help you choose among our most durable, efficient, and cost friendly brands. Ask for comparative suggestions from your contractors. That way, you can customize the roof based on your requirement, limits, and preference. Once ordered, the materials will arrive as soon as the paperwork is done.

Actual installation. When this day arrives, a team of skilled and experienced electricians will be flocking on your roof to double check your shingles or tiles. All broken shingles have to be replaced first before the installation is done. Once the roof is repaired and ready, the installation begins. The electricians will start lining up the electrical wiring that will connect to your electrical panel and general power system. Then, the racks will be installed to support your panels. Once the racking is level and securely attached, the panels are laid on the racking. Lastly, the inverters are connected to the panels to convert direct current energy to alternating current power which is used in homes and supplied on the grid.

After the installation, there is still one more approval that you need to secure; that is the approval of your local government. An official from the local government will pay you a visit to check if all permits have been secured and the installation was done properly. Once you get their approval, they will now hand you over to your local power distributor. They will check if the electrical wirings, inverters, and the solar panels are all compatible to work together and if they are installed correctly. They will also check if the panels are safe and secure. After getting their approval, your switch can now go live and you panels can start generating power.

All these steps usually takes three months to complete, depending on the line of approvals that your local government has to process and how many jobs your contractor needs to finish. Here at Yorkshire Bay Area Solar, we make sure to work with our clients closely to meet their desired deadlines. Give us a call and find out from our reliable team how soon we can your roof your own solar panels.

How Going Solar Benefits You and Your Community How Going Solar Benefits You and Your Community

How Going Solar Benefits You and Your Community

Renewable energy is among the greatest technological breakthroughs in the power generation industry. It was able to harness the power of natural resources to provide energy to industries, commercial centers, and now even households. While renewable energy has gained popularity, not all forms of this technology can be adapted into the residential level. However, there is one power source that can finally service the day-to-day power requirement of households which now we know as solar energy. The benefits of solar energy do wonders not just for households, but also for individuals and the community. Below are some of these benefits that you might just experience in your own homes too:

Studies reveal that by using power from the sun, chances of acquiring chronic bronchitis, respiratory and cardiovascular problems will go down significantly. It has also decreased the lost workdays related to health issues. This is the effect of being exposed to extremely lower nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter emissions we get from the power coming from the grid as all of these can cause health problems.

Originally, solar energy is intended to power communities, but slowly, the manufacturers see that there is also a need to provide this technology to individual households to have a greater impact. The introduction of solar power to households has many benefits like energy independence. This means that homeowners will no longer rely on grid power for their day-to-day power needs, thus eliminating the monthly electric bills. Installation of solar power on roofs has also increased real estate property prices significantly. Recent studies showed that houses that have installed solar panels sell quicker and at a higher price. Solar panels in Liverpool are slowly gaining attention from households and communities because of its benefits. That is why, we at Yorkshire Roofing, has imbibed the promise to supply, deliver, and install solar panels that will improve the quality of life of every citizen in Liverpool.

Solar panels are known to reduce carbon footprint significantly which results in a better environment for communities. Imagine an entire community of houses that generate power from the sun to energize their households, a community that independently produces their own power. That place would be healthier, livelier, and colder; healthier because the particulate matter in the environment will decrease, if not eradicated; livelier, because households will have no more monthly pressing power bills from power distribution companies; and lastly, colder because using the power of the sun does not make the planet warmer. It also creates a culture of being environment-friendly and sustainability aware, a small step that will help Mother Earth to heal from all the pollutants surrounding the world today. With this collective effort, communities are helping create a healthier environment for the next generation. It will also teach them to care for nature and give importance to natural resources.

Here at Yorkshire Roofing, we are committed to providing quality solar panels for your roofs to support your efforts to help preserve the environment. Our promise to bring skilled electricians to make sure your units are working efficiently to supply your daily needs, is our top priority. Should you wish to know more about your options about solar panels, feel free to give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you decide what the right fit for your home is.

Save money in the long run by using solar energy

Make Your Home Environmental-Friendly While Saving & Making Money

Global warming has been one of the biggest issues in the 20th century brought about by the abuse in the use of fossil fuels. The use of petrol, excessive carbon emission, and other pollutants have made the Earth a warmer place. It now has an overall negative impact to the planet.

Fuel and coal is mostly used to provide electricity and mobility to humans. It serves as the source of energy to light up cities and move vehicles. Because of this, humans with the aid of science, have tried to find ways to save mother Earth without reverting to our caveman days. And so, renewable energy has been discovered.

Renewable energy is power-sourced from natural elements without destroying its form like wind, water, and light. Among the three, the easiest to utilize is light energy because it comes directly from the Sun. From this discovery, the idea of solar panels is explored. It started with huge projects that produce little amounts of energy, until eventually, technology allowed the panels to be smaller but more efficient in terms of creating and holding power.

Ever since this technology has been redesigned, it can now be used in households and smaller establishments. To fully utilize this breakthrough, governments have passed on laws that will help promote the use of solar panels. For instance, those who use solar panels in Livermore were given incentives by the government, which makes solar panels a better alternative in the long run.

In line with this, we’ve come up with some of the reasons why you should start installing solar panels in your home:

Less reliance to grid energy

Energy from the grid is metered and is priced based on household consumption. The average American family spends at least $1,500 annually on electricity bills alone. This does not yet include the average annual increase of 2.2 percent for utility bills. If you install your own source of power from sunlight, you don’t have to depend on the regular bills you are receiving from your power company every month.

It is an investment

Solar panels, when used properly can mean thousands of dollars saved in monthly electricity bills. Data shows that in a span of 20 years, a solar panel that costs $13,000 will save the homeowners $29,000 in the long run. If solar panels were installed to power the house at night and the system can fully produce the required energy, then it has served its purpose.

It reduces your carbon footprint

As humans, it is our duty to take care of The Earth. By converting to renewable energy; it is helping the environment to reach sustainability. By using solar panels you can reduce the carbon footprint of your home significantly. For every 2,840 kilowatt hour of energy produced by the solar panels, the carbon footprint is reduced by 2.1 metric tons annually. The number goes higher as more panels work to produce electricity. Here in the United States, we are considered as having the largest carbon footprint in the world, as we are home to many industries and production businesses.

Government incentives

To push for the usage of solar panels, many states in the US have passed on a law that will incentivize the use of solar panels. Some of these incentives come in cash, tax breaks, or other social benefits. Because of this move, more homeowners are being encouraged to try and install solar panels in small capacities. While their goal for now is monetary, their actions have a huge impact on the environment in the long run.

Available financing solutions

Some families think that installing solar panels are too expensive. That is why, some suppliers have responded with a $0 down payment scheme. This way, homeowners are able to save on electricity cost and can still manage their cash flow. This is a win-win situation for both the solar panel suppliers and homeowners. Needless to say, it is also a huge win for the environment.

Lease your roof

Despite the benefits, some homeowners remain cynical about installing their own solar panels.
Luckily, leasing agreements can be done. This means that solar panel companies will lease your roof and sell you the power that you need at a fixed price. However, this arrangement will not give you the incentives and tax breaks that are enjoyed by those who bought their own panels.
This option is still cheaper compared to grid electricity sold by power distributors.

Sell your excess energy

There are days when the sun is more generous than other days which mean solar panel energy batteries are charged quicker and have excess supply. Did you know that this energy can be sold to renewable energy institutions for good money? Well, now you know. No amount of energy will be wasted with solar panels. In addition to that, it can also be sold to renewable energy markets at a good price. Imagine saving money and making money while helping the environment.

These are only few of the ways on how solar energy saves money in the long run. There are other renewable energy sources that can be utilized but sunlight is the most abundant and easiest to harvest. What better way to help the environment without reducing our activities and adjusting our lifestyle to good old primitive days?

Here at Yorkshire Solar we have the technology and manpower to convert you roof into a power source so get in touch with us now for your quick estimate.

Why install Solar for your roof

The Future is on the Roof

There is no doubt that the world is at the brink of destruction due to the abuse of the natural resources and neglect of the environment. Species are slowly driven to extinction due to the changing weather and heating planet. Greenhouse gasses are trapped, while sea levels are rising is only few of the signs that the world is changing and not for the good.

But while these phenomenons are unfolding, there is a conscious effort from the other half of the humankind to save the Earth- some by minimizing waste, others by innovating technology.
There is one technology that aims to maximize the unaccounted resource called the day light. Yorkshire Solar was among the companies in California to believe in the impact of harnessing light energy from the sun by installing panels on the roof.

There are countless benefits of installing solar panels on the roof among which is making the world a better place. To date, much of distributed power in the US grid is generated from coal, gas, and petroleum based fuel to run power plants. Not only are these harmful to the environment but it also emits wastes or by-products that poses imminent threat to the health and wellness of a human body. The by-products of these energy fuels, especially petroleum based resources ads to the pollution- whether water, air, or light.

Another reason to consider the solar panels on the roof is the practical benefits of the installations. Solar power panels have helped households to save on electricity bill. The average sized solar power, measures about 39 by 65 inches, can generate as much as 265 watts to 300 watts of power depending on the efficiency of the boards and amount of sun light available. This amount can light up five electric bulbs simultaneously. Imagine how much 30 of those panels can do for your monthly electric bill.

Installing solar power on your roof also means independence from the local power distributor and it could mean safety and security for the family. Aside from freedom from monthly power bills, households can now experience relief from power outage when a typhoon or other types of calamity strikes. The solar panels aid households to be ready for any unpleasant incident because of its batteries that can store few -days -worth of energy.
It also pays to know that there are states or cities that actually encourage the use of renewable energy. In California, the Energy Commission’s Renewable Energy Program is winning the battle against petrol run power generators.

The project provided a market-based incentive for new and existing utility-scale facilities powered by renewable energy. It also offered consumer rebates for installing new wind and solar renewable energy systems. This incentive program also noted cash back for solar energy systems of less than one megawatt to existing and new commercial, industrial, government, nonprofit, and agricultural properties, as the law mandates.

And since this is a new technology, a lot of people are in the wait and see mood. They are wary of the maintenance the solar panels entail. Little do consumers know that solar panels are actually low maintenance investments.
While the benefit of installing solar panels is nagging, others remain cynical about its performance. Aside from actual energy generation, the Solar panels can jack-up the price of a home should the family decide to put it out on the market. A house with Solar panels installed means the next family can already save thousands of dollars from electricity bills. It is worth noting that the real estate trend is going towards green structures that can utilize natural resources for lighting and ventilation.