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How Are Solar Panels Installed?

Solar Panels have become so popular because of its environmental benefits and the amount of power it can produce. A lot of homes nowadays want their own units too. You may then ask, how exactly do homes get their own solar panels in Livermore? Below is a brief walkthrough of the procedures in getting your own power source:

Call us here at Yorkshire Roofing, your preferred contractor for the job, so we can pay you a visit and do an evaluation. Our evaluation would include best practices and recommendations from our own engineers. Our engineer will evaluate the condition of your roof; if it is fit for the installation or you would need to put some improvements. They will also check the capacity of your electrical panels. This is to make sure that the electrical system of your home can handle the solar energy that it has to store once the panels are installed.

Prepare documents and permits for the installation. Now, don’t worry. These paper works are to be arranged by us too. We believe that it’s best that you know how we do these permits, so you know what documents you’ll be signing and what they are for. One of the most important documents that you’ll need is the application for the state and federal solar incentives such as the federal ITC, local solar programs, clean energy financing initiatives like PACE, government rebates and solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs). Aside from incentives, you will need to fill out other paperwork like building or installation permits. These permits are specific to where you live. Your contractors should be knowledgeable about these rules and know the restrictions and requirements of the states in which they operate so they can help you figure out which permits you need. We at, Yorkshire Bay Area Solar, save our clients from the trouble of filling out all these forms. We also ensure that permits are released in time for the scheduled installation.

Choosing the right panels for your homes. This is more than looking at which stripes would best suit your roof. It is also talking about the capacity that your house needs, how much sunlight your roof gets, and how much power you want to produce. If you do not know much about solar panels, our team of experts can help you choose among our most durable, efficient, and cost friendly brands. Ask for comparative suggestions from your contractors. That way, you can customize the roof based on your requirement, limits, and preference. Once ordered, the materials will arrive as soon as the paperwork is done.

Actual installation. When this day arrives, a team of skilled and experienced electricians will be flocking on your roof to double check your shingles or tiles. All broken shingles have to be replaced first before the installation is done. Once the roof is repaired and ready, the installation begins. The electricians will start lining up the electrical wiring that will connect to your electrical panel and general power system. Then, the racks will be installed to support your panels. Once the racking is level and securely attached, the panels are laid on the racking. Lastly, the inverters are connected to the panels to convert direct current energy to alternating current power which is used in homes and supplied on the grid.

After the installation, there is still one more approval that you need to secure; that is the approval of your local government. An official from the local government will pay you a visit to check if all permits have been secured and the installation was done properly. Once you get their approval, they will now hand you over to your local power distributor. They will check if the electrical wirings, inverters, and the solar panels are all compatible to work together and if they are installed correctly. They will also check if the panels are safe and secure. After getting their approval, your switch can now go live and you panels can start generating power.

All these steps usually takes three months to complete, depending on the line of approvals that your local government has to process and how many jobs your contractor needs to finish. Here at Yorkshire Bay Area Solar, we make sure to work with our clients closely to meet their desired deadlines. Give us a call and find out from our reliable team how soon we can your roof your own solar panels.

How Going Solar Benefits You and Your Community How Going Solar Benefits You and Your Community

How Going Solar Benefits You and Your Community

Renewable energy is among the greatest technological breakthroughs in the power generation industry. It was able to harness the power of natural resources to provide energy to industries, commercial centers, and now even households. While renewable energy has gained popularity, not all forms of this technology can be adapted into the residential level. However, there is one power source that can finally service the day-to-day power requirement of households which now we know as solar energy. The benefits of solar energy do wonders not just for households, but also for individuals and the community. Below are some of these benefits that you might just experience in your own homes too:

Studies reveal that by using power from the sun, chances of acquiring chronic bronchitis, respiratory and cardiovascular problems will go down significantly. It has also decreased the lost workdays related to health issues. This is the effect of being exposed to extremely lower nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter emissions we get from the power coming from the grid as all of these can cause health problems.

Originally, solar energy is intended to power communities, but slowly, the manufacturers see that there is also a need to provide this technology to individual households to have a greater impact. The introduction of solar power to households has many benefits like energy independence. This means that homeowners will no longer rely on grid power for their day-to-day power needs, thus eliminating the monthly electric bills. Installation of solar power on roofs has also increased real estate property prices significantly. Recent studies showed that houses that have installed solar panels sell quicker and at a higher price. Solar panels in Liverpool are slowly gaining attention from households and communities because of its benefits. That is why, we at Yorkshire Roofing, has imbibed the promise to supply, deliver, and install solar panels that will improve the quality of life of every citizen in Liverpool.

Solar panels are known to reduce carbon footprint significantly which results in a better environment for communities. Imagine an entire community of houses that generate power from the sun to energize their households, a community that independently produces their own power. That place would be healthier, livelier, and colder; healthier because the particulate matter in the environment will decrease, if not eradicated; livelier, because households will have no more monthly pressing power bills from power distribution companies; and lastly, colder because using the power of the sun does not make the planet warmer. It also creates a culture of being environment-friendly and sustainability aware, a small step that will help Mother Earth to heal from all the pollutants surrounding the world today. With this collective effort, communities are helping create a healthier environment for the next generation. It will also teach them to care for nature and give importance to natural resources.

Here at Yorkshire Roofing, we are committed to providing quality solar panels for your roofs to support your efforts to help preserve the environment. Our promise to bring skilled electricians to make sure your units are working efficiently to supply your daily needs, is our top priority. Should you wish to know more about your options about solar panels, feel free to give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you decide what the right fit for your home is.

Save money in the long run by using solar energy

Make Your Home Environmental-Friendly While Saving & Making Money

Global warming has been one of the biggest issues in the 20th century brought about by the abuse in the use of fossil fuels. The use of petrol, excessive carbon emission, and other pollutants have made the Earth a warmer place. It now has an overall negative impact to the planet.

Fuel and coal is mostly used to provide electricity and mobility to humans. It serves as the source of energy to light up cities and move vehicles. Because of this, humans with the aid of science, have tried to find ways to save mother Earth without reverting to our caveman days. And so, renewable energy has been discovered.

Renewable energy is power-sourced from natural elements without destroying its form like wind, water, and light. Among the three, the easiest to utilize is light energy because it comes directly from the Sun. From this discovery, the idea of solar panels is explored. It started with huge projects that produce little amounts of energy, until eventually, technology allowed the panels to be smaller but more efficient in terms of creating and holding power.

Ever since this technology has been redesigned, it can now be used in households and smaller establishments. To fully utilize this breakthrough, governments have passed on laws that will help promote the use of solar panels. For instance, those who use solar panels in Livermore were given incentives by the government, which makes solar panels a better alternative in the long run.

In line with this, we’ve come up with some of the reasons why you should start installing solar panels in your home:

Less reliance to grid energy

Energy from the grid is metered and is priced based on household consumption. The average American family spends at least $1,500 annually on electricity bills alone. This does not yet include the average annual increase of 2.2 percent for utility bills. If you install your own source of power from sunlight, you don’t have to depend on the regular bills you are receiving from your power company every month.

It is an investment

Solar panels, when used properly can mean thousands of dollars saved in monthly electricity bills. Data shows that in a span of 20 years, a solar panel that costs $13,000 will save the homeowners $29,000 in the long run. If solar panels were installed to power the house at night and the system can fully produce the required energy, then it has served its purpose.

It reduces your carbon footprint

As humans, it is our duty to take care of The Earth. By converting to renewable energy; it is helping the environment to reach sustainability. By using solar panels you can reduce the carbon footprint of your home significantly. For every 2,840 kilowatt hour of energy produced by the solar panels, the carbon footprint is reduced by 2.1 metric tons annually. The number goes higher as more panels work to produce electricity. Here in the United States, we are considered as having the largest carbon footprint in the world, as we are home to many industries and production businesses.

Government incentives

To push for the usage of solar panels, many states in the US have passed on a law that will incentivize the use of solar panels. Some of these incentives come in cash, tax breaks, or other social benefits. Because of this move, more homeowners are being encouraged to try and install solar panels in small capacities. While their goal for now is monetary, their actions have a huge impact on the environment in the long run.

Available financing solutions

Some families think that installing solar panels are too expensive. That is why, some suppliers have responded with a $0 down payment scheme. This way, homeowners are able to save on electricity cost and can still manage their cash flow. This is a win-win situation for both the solar panel suppliers and homeowners. Needless to say, it is also a huge win for the environment.

Lease your roof

Despite the benefits, some homeowners remain cynical about installing their own solar panels.
Luckily, leasing agreements can be done. This means that solar panel companies will lease your roof and sell you the power that you need at a fixed price. However, this arrangement will not give you the incentives and tax breaks that are enjoyed by those who bought their own panels.
This option is still cheaper compared to grid electricity sold by power distributors.

Sell your excess energy

There are days when the sun is more generous than other days which mean solar panel energy batteries are charged quicker and have excess supply. Did you know that this energy can be sold to renewable energy institutions for good money? Well, now you know. No amount of energy will be wasted with solar panels. In addition to that, it can also be sold to renewable energy markets at a good price. Imagine saving money and making money while helping the environment.

These are only few of the ways on how solar energy saves money in the long run. There are other renewable energy sources that can be utilized but sunlight is the most abundant and easiest to harvest. What better way to help the environment without reducing our activities and adjusting our lifestyle to good old primitive days?

Here at Yorkshire Solar we have the technology and manpower to convert you roof into a power source so get in touch with us now for your quick estimate.

Why install Solar for your roof

The Future is on the Roof

There is no doubt that the world is at the brink of destruction due to the abuse of the natural resources and neglect of the environment. Species are slowly driven to extinction due to the changing weather and heating planet. Greenhouse gasses are trapped, while sea levels are rising is only few of the signs that the world is changing and not for the good.

But while these phenomenons are unfolding, there is a conscious effort from the other half of the humankind to save the Earth- some by minimizing waste, others by innovating technology.
There is one technology that aims to maximize the unaccounted resource called the day light. Yorkshire Solar was among the companies in California to believe in the impact of harnessing light energy from the sun by installing panels on the roof.

There are countless benefits of installing solar panels on the roof among which is making the world a better place. To date, much of distributed power in the US grid is generated from coal, gas, and petroleum based fuel to run power plants. Not only are these harmful to the environment but it also emits wastes or by-products that poses imminent threat to the health and wellness of a human body. The by-products of these energy fuels, especially petroleum based resources ads to the pollution- whether water, air, or light.

Another reason to consider the solar panels on the roof is the practical benefits of the installations. Solar power panels have helped households to save on electricity bill. The average sized solar power, measures about 39 by 65 inches, can generate as much as 265 watts to 300 watts of power depending on the efficiency of the boards and amount of sun light available. This amount can light up five electric bulbs simultaneously. Imagine how much 30 of those panels can do for your monthly electric bill.

Installing solar power on your roof also means independence from the local power distributor and it could mean safety and security for the family. Aside from freedom from monthly power bills, households can now experience relief from power outage when a typhoon or other types of calamity strikes. The solar panels aid households to be ready for any unpleasant incident because of its batteries that can store few -days -worth of energy.
It also pays to know that there are states or cities that actually encourage the use of renewable energy. In California, the Energy Commission’s Renewable Energy Program is winning the battle against petrol run power generators.

The project provided a market-based incentive for new and existing utility-scale facilities powered by renewable energy. It also offered consumer rebates for installing new wind and solar renewable energy systems. This incentive program also noted cash back for solar energy systems of less than one megawatt to existing and new commercial, industrial, government, nonprofit, and agricultural properties, as the law mandates.

And since this is a new technology, a lot of people are in the wait and see mood. They are wary of the maintenance the solar panels entail. Little do consumers know that solar panels are actually low maintenance investments.
While the benefit of installing solar panels is nagging, others remain cynical about its performance. Aside from actual energy generation, the Solar panels can jack-up the price of a home should the family decide to put it out on the market. A house with Solar panels installed means the next family can already save thousands of dollars from electricity bills. It is worth noting that the real estate trend is going towards green structures that can utilize natural resources for lighting and ventilation.

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Purchased Solar Farm

Solar energy has been revolutionizing energy sources for homes, business, automobiles and even phone batteries. It is clear that solar energy systems are going to continue to spread into new industries and find new applications to conserve energy and improve lives.

Most recently, a public university in California, California Polytechnic State University located in San Luis Obispo, purchased a 4.5 megawatt solar farm for the purpose of saving energy and money and providing enhanced learning opportunities for students. This large solar farm is expected to generate around 25 percent of the university’s electrical needs. Over the course of twenty years, which is the expected life of this project, the solar farm with its 16,000 individual solar panels is projected to save the university approximately $10 million.

These solar farms are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the state of California, which reports almost 10% of all electricity produced by solar power. All solar energy is not the same, however. There are essentially two different technologies that have been developed to harness solar energy: photovoltaic and solar thermal.

Photovoltaic technology converts sunlight directly into electricity through panels using semiconductor cells.

Another method for collecting this energy is through low temperature solar thermal power. This technology actually collects heat from the sun’s rays and transfers it to a transfer fluid such as air, water or antifreeze. This fluid is then transported to the whatever object needs to be heated whether its a water heater or a central heating system. The majority of solar energy collected utilizes this system.

Everything You Need to Know About Solar Panels

You have seen your neighbors make the move to install the massive, dark panels on top of their house. They are almost a sign to the world that that family is doing their part to conserve energy and save money. Everyone is starting to feel the pressure because it feels like you must be missing out on some sort of benefit.

The important thing is to not give in to the peer pressure without first informing yourself on all the details. Solar panels make sense for many homes and can do a lot of good for families and businesses all over, but there are a few exceptions.

Do you have a roof that can support solar panels?

At the risk of stating the obvious, it is important that your solar panels are exposed to a lot of sun. Solar panels do not actually require constant sunlight to collect energy. They will continue to store energy if there is any light exposure during the day, even if it is overcast. The problem however, arises if your roof is constantly shaded by trees, buildings or other obstructions. In these instances, your roof does not have enough access to the solar window, which is a measure of solar compatibility. If this is the case for you, solar panels will likely not be the best renewable energy resource for you. You do however, have other options like planting the panels on the ground in the sun.

Lease or Buy?

A big decision that you will need to make is whether or not you want to lease or buy your solar panels. There are benefits and disadvantages on both sides that each household has to weigh out. If you buy your solar system, then there will be a much larger up front cost, and can return much larger dividends in the long run. On the other hand, leasing the system will reduce the cost of your electricity right away, because you have a negotiated price with the solar company and they own your actual system. At the end of your lease contract the company has the option to take your system back if they decide to.

What type of solar technology works for you?

Many consumers are not aware that all solar energy is not exactly the same. There are two main types: photovoltaic and thermal. The difference is that photovoltaic technology uses arrays of cells to convert sunlight to electricity, but thermal technology converts sunlight specifically to heat water or air. Your household will need to assess how much energy you use for heating and how expensive it is in your area. Thermal has the potential to break even relatively quickly, but it is a rarer technology, so you will want to be sure to find a quality installer.

Can you trust your installer?

Solar has become a booming industry with a lot of new providers looking to carve out their own market share. When it comes to your personal home and your personal energy source, you want to make sure that you do your research and find an installer with a lot of experience and trustworthy credentials.

Why Installing Solar Panels Won’t Cause Roof Leaks

A common question homeowners have when they consider investing in rooftop solar panels is whether or not the new installation will make it more likely for their roof to acquire leaks. While this is a valid question the fact of the matter is, a trusted roofing company like Yorkshire Roofing with experience in photovoltaic solar installations can successfully install solar panels on your roof without compromising the structural integrity of your roof or ever causing a leak.

But if you’re still worried about the idea of having roof leaks after installing solar panels, let us alleviate help your fears by providing you with 3 specific reasons why the professional solar panel installers at Yorkshire Roofing avoid the possibility of roof leaks with our proven installation process:

Your roof should be thoroughly inspected by a professional to first assess whether or not your roof is structurally suitable for solar panel installation:

Solar panels should never be installed on a roof that isn’t capable of supporting the heavy system and installation process, which is why the first step a professional roofing company will take to prevent roofing leaks is to actually make sure that your roof can support the solar panels in the first place.

By thoroughly evaluating the condition and structure of your roof for solar panel installation, your contractor can accurately determine what if any repairs need to be done, or if your roof needs to be replaced entirely before any solar panels can be installed. A home that is a strong candidate for rooftop solar panels is very unlikely to leak when those panels are installed by experts like those at Yorkshire Roofing.

Solar panels can actually help protect your roof from weather related damage:

Believe it or not, in addition to providing a steady source of cheap energy solar panels also help protect your roof from the damage caused by the rain, hail, and wind it’s exposed to year round. The solar panels act as a kind of buffer between the elements and your roof, thus helping to preserve your roof and prevent leaks from happening!

And as an added bonus, solar panels help to reduce your summer A/C bills since the panels help block out the sun and keep the cold air inside.

The proper installation of the solar panels in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines is essential for preventing leaks and maintenance issues down the road:

The mounting components which are necessary to safely and securely fasten the solar panel system to your roof does require the installers to drill holes in your roof, but those holes will be completely sealed when all is said and done.

For example, the holes are filled will a high quality silicone material to seal the shut.
All holes which are drilled during the installation are also fitted with a uniquely designed rooftop flashing which makes sure that a watertight seal remains by allowing the water to flow safely away from the system and down the roof.

 With the professional solar panel installers at Yorkshire, every step of the process is carefully planned to make absolutely sure that your roof will be equipped with high quality solar panels that protect your home from leaks.

The Solar Power Industry Job Growth

If you are looking for a career change, solar might be your best option, especially if you live in one of the five states with the most solar jobs; California, Massachusetts, Texas, Nevada, and Florida. Solar jobs have increased 25% over the past year. Last year, 1 out of every 50 new jobs created were in the solar industry. That is 2% of all new jobs. That’s an incredible finding that proves that solar energy is increasingly becoming a key player in America’s economy. These jobs were added in 44 out of the 50 states. It is estimated that over the next 12 months, we should expect to see the total solar industry employment increase by 10 percent.

This new growth is largely driven by a boom in solar installations nationwide. In the third quarter of 2016, the latest quarter for which data is available, more than 4 gigawatts of new solar capacity was installed. That’s the most new solar added in the U.S. in a single quarter and represents enough solar to power 6.5 million homes.

Many different forces have partly fueled the boom, such as declining costs of solar power and the extension of the federal tax credit for solar companies until 2021. Some pro-solar state policies and incentives have also spurred the industry’s growth.

There is a new report that projects the solar industry will be adding more than 25,000 jobs in 2017, including jobs in installation, manufacturing, sales and distribution, project development and other areas. The report also described several potential obstacles to future growth, including declining fossil fuel prices, especially for natural gas, and changes to state policies. Another example is the possible undoing of the Obama administration’s signature climate rule, called the Clean Power Plan. This rule, finalized in 2015, instructs the decrease of greenhouse emissions from power plants and was expected to help support long-term growth in solar and other clean energy alternatives. But President Donald Trump has promised to revoke the rule and it is already under review by the U.S. Court of Appeals. Industry analysts expect solar to continue grow despite considerable policy uncertainty in Washington. Tax credits for renewable energy have received bipartisan support in the past, but many in the industry are unsure what to expect from President Trump, whose views on some key energy issues remain unknown. Supporters of solar energy argue that regardless of Trump it will continue to compete on cost and will receive support from many state and local governments— at least in part because of the jobs.

Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy in the form of sunlight is available in many environments naturally. That allows for more costs from each project to go towards paying workers to install, manufacture and sell solar panels. Sunshine is free. You don’t have to bring sunshine anywhere that you want to install solar panels. Solar costs have also come down dramatically. Years ago, when there wasn’t much of a demand for solar, the costs were high and unaffordable. Now there is such an abundance of solar companies that it is easy to find very reasonable and affordable solar for your house or business. Solar jobs are steadily on the rise and show no signs of stopping.

Benefits of Solar Power During Natural Disasters

Natural disasters have been a devastating theme amongst the news headlines of 2017. We have seen shocking reports about damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Maria, earthquakes in Mexico and more. These natural disasters are at risk of stating the obvious, natural. We cannot prevent them or the heartbreak they cause. However, as we learn more about them we can identify precautions that will help people and regions to be much more prepared for these natural forces. The more we adapt to harsh conditions, we lessen the impact and allow people to stay safe during scary times.

One undeniable side effect of these hurricanes and other natural disasters is the loss of power and electricity. It seems almost inevitable. Hurricane Harvey took down hundreds of high voltage transmission lines in Texas, forcing power outages throughout the entire region. This inhibits people’s ability to see, cook, communicate, and many other essential life activities. My question is, why do we see this same damage repeated time after time? Why not make a change to restore power or even sustain it throughout a storm? This can be done with solar energy.

Let’s overcome a serious myth first and foremost. Small solar systems, which includes residential roof systems, ground-mounted units and solar carports, will all continue to generate energy even on stormy days. The bright sun is preferred, but not necessary, because solar units function continuously as long as there is some degree of visible light. These units are impact resistant and have very simple installation. In other words, you are not going to find compromising tubes and pipes that are subject to storm damage. However, other sources of energy like a coal plant have extremely sensitive and actually dangerous components that must be shut down if threatened by a storm.

A solar energy source is operated entirely by mother nature herself, meaning there is no human capital needed. Whether a family decides to stay or evacuate they can have the peaceful assurance that their power source is alive and well. On the other hand, a coal plant is operated by many important employees, whom during a storm, are of course told to go home and evacuate with their own families. Those who rely on that source of power are guaranteed to be without electricity for the duration of the storm and longer. The coal plant will have to allow time for repairs to the plant itself and many employees are busy dealing with home damages and other devastating losses and may take a while to come back to work.

Lastly, consider the various methods of transmission. A coal plant relies entirely on the transmission grid to deliver power via transmission lines. During a storm, it is no secret that these power lines are very often destroyed or damaged. For a source like a coal plant, it is impossible to deliver power until those lines are restored. Small solar systems are going to be much less affected by grid disruptions. If a transmission line is damaged it will generally not affect your flow of power at all. However, in full disclosure a solar system is not intended to operate entirely off-grid. If a grid system is entirely compromised, your solar system will likely shut off as well. Unless of course, your system has a battery/storage feature. The storage function is meant to sustain power in times of disaster, so you can have total confidence that you and your family will be as prepared as possible.

how china is beating the US in clean energy

While they may be the number one polluter in the world, China is also leading the way in renewable energy growth

Usually the first thing that comes to mind when we think of China and energy production are images of smog-ridden cities and given that China is the leading producer of carbon dioxide emissions by country, this certainly makes sense. But as of the last few years however, China is now leading the energy industry in a much different way than they have in the past.

As the capital of the People’s Republic of China and home to 21,700,000 people, Beijing is the second most populous city proper in the world and as of earlier this year the energy agency of China’s government committed to spending $360 billion on renewable resources by the year, 2020.
Will the U.S. continue to move backwards in energy policy and let China take the lead?

Meanwhile in the United States, the current administration has decided to take our country out of the Paris climate change agreement while also removing regulation’s previously initiated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And the United States ins’t far behind China in terms of carbon dioxide emissions either–the U.S. is second only to China when it comes to how much carbon dioxide we produce as a country.
China continues to improve their outlook, one energy goal or policy at a time

So just how is China investing in the future of their country through renewable resources and outpacing the U.S. in such investments? While coal still technically makes up the majority of China’s consumption needs, for the first time in the country’s history, the National Energy Administration decided that the country must now meet a mandatory reduction in coal energy consumption.

In addition to cutting back and relying less and less on dirty resources like coal, China has also taken the initiative to invest their future in renewable energy sources such as solar,wind, hydro, and nuclear. Said Alvin Lin who is the Beijing-based Climate and Energy Policy Director with the Natural Resources Defense Council, “”Even in China where coal is, or was, king, the government still recognizes that the economic opportunities of the future are going to be in clean energy” ( farm/index.html).
Clean energy policies aren’t just good for the environment in China; employment is up as well

Americans can definitely appreciate the idea of government policies that create jobs for the people, and that is exactly what the clean energy policies and industry mandates in China have created and continue to create- viable sources of employment for their citizens. In fact, the findings from the most recent report done the International Renewable Energy Agency states that, “More than 2.5 million people work in the solar power sector alone in China, compared with 260,000 people in the U.S.” (China is crushing the U.S. in renewable energy).

So while no country is perfect and China and the U.S. both have a long way to go when it comes to transitioning to clean energy sources, maybe we can take a lesson from China in their current effort towards creating a more clean-energy reliant future.