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Our Mission


ere at Yorkshire Roofing and Solar we have always put our client’s satisfaction as the number one priority. When we do our work, we always put our best foot forward so that our customers get the high quality results that they deserve.

We are trusted because the Yorkshire Roofing and Solar name has been built on quality workmanship, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. But we did not get there the easy way. From the beginning, we have proved that the Yorkshire-quality work is of the highest degree. And even now, we do not settle for less when it comes to our work. We are always aiming to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Through the years, our clients have seen how consistent Yorkshire Roofing and Solar is and that is why we are considered a premier roofing company in California – we’re not just your average roofing company.

Yorkshire Roofing is now providing solar panel installation to our customers. Our knowledge of roofing while installing solar panels will prove to be helpful and convenient to our customer who is looking for a company that knows the ins and outs of both roofing and solar installation and that will take care of the roof during such installation processes. Not only will you be able to save on energy bills, you would also do your part in helping to save the environment by utilizing alternative energy sources. It’s a win-win situation!

Here are some testimonials from past clients who share their experience with Yorkshire Roofing and Solar.

Frank S.

“As President of the board of a community of 50 homes, I interviewed 11 roofers last spring. We needed all 50 roofs replaced. Kenny Falconi, of Yorkshire came over and spent 2 days inspecting the roofs before giving us a bid. We knew in advance that there would be extra charges for dry rot etc that couldn’t be observed until the old roof was removed. I asked him to not only give us a bid for the entire project but to give us his best guess as to what extra charges we would run into.
His overall bid was competitive and, as it turned out, the project was finished within the projections he made for “change orders”.
The entire job was handled quickly and well. I inspected every roof as they were torn down and found the workmanship and the judgment calls on dry rot to be well done.
I was amazed at how much clean up they did at the end of each day. They had 50 different homeowners to deal with and did it with no complaints.
The job was completed in September 2009 and we have had several heavy rainstorms since then and have had no leaks at all. A complaint from one homeowner brought a response the next and was discovered to be a leak from faulty window caulking – totally unrelated to the roofing job.
Since I had the responsibility for choosing Yorkshire – you can’t believe how happy I was that the job was completed to the satisfaction of all members of our association.”

Eddie A.

“We just recently re-roofed our home. Got 4 different quote and Yorkshire was the only one that gave us the exact quote that we wanted.

We wanted to have some one who will do a one stop shop for not only the roof, but adding sky lights and solar tubes. Not only was the price very competitive, the sales person (John) did a wonderful job in coordinating the job that went very smoothly.

The work was done professionally (though we had sprinkler pipe that was accidentally broken by a worker), and the job was finished in less than 3 days.

Finally, after a month have passed since completion of the work, I needed some additional paper work for PG&E rebates, and John promptly help fax over the paper work the day after I called.

I highly recommend Yorkshire.”